Windells – Battle Out Back Skateboard Contest (Women’s Division)

Over the past weekend, my wife Karissa and I, with a friend, Nash Addicks (check out his site), headed up to Windells’ Academy for their first official skateboard contest “Battle Out Back“. Karissa was unsure if she would enter the women’s division, since she has never skated in a contest before and had a little case of the butterflies. In the end, she overcame her nerves, decided to go for it and after successfully landing a pop shuv-it to fakie and a fakie front-side pop shuv-it on the bank (among other tricks throughout the park) in the jam session, earned herself the 2nd spot on the podium!

Below is a photo of Meow Skateboards rider, Kristin Ebeling, in the middle (taking 1st), and Karissa Dobrzanski, to the left of Kristin (taking 2nd). Christelle Auzus took the 3rd spot but was not there to accept her award (hence the person covering their face). Every participant, from the girls ripping to the Pro division skaters gave it their all and demonstrated some amazing skateboarding. It was truly a great day for skateboarding and a SPECIAL THANKS! goes out to the Windells’ Academy and all the sponsors that put on this free event (Truth, Usurper Skateboards, Tactics Boardshop, Hulu, I.N.I Cooperative, The Local Grind).

Check out the final results for all the divisions below and read the full scoop on the contest at

Battle Out Back Women's FinalFinal Results

1st – Kristin Ebeling
2nd – Karissa Dobrzanski
3rd – Christelle Auzus

14 & Under:
1st – Alex Lobasyuk
2nd – Luke Blovad
3rd – Cash Miranda

15 & Up:
1st – Shane Sylomal
2nd – Chase Majury
3rd – Daniel Iverson

1st – Anthony Grant – $1,500
2nd – Dani Tumia – $1,000
3rd – Anakin Senn – $500

Best Trick:
Tamaron Eugehorse – Crook Nollie Flip – $500