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More Than a Few Weeks Ago – BS Crook

More than a few weeks ago, Nash Addicks and I set out to snap a photo at another spot down the street from my apartment. After more than a few tries and a little bit of rain, we were able to walk away with this BS crooked grind up the ledge. Check out the photography…

Bacon Skateboards Team Section

Check out the newest additions to the Bacon Skateboards team section and overall site design! Bacon Skateboards supports skateboarders all over the World from the United States to Japan. Don’t under estimate what these guys are bringing to the table! Bacon has one of the most well rounded, up-incoming skateboard teams around, but don’t take my word for…

Throwaway Thursday Clips

Throwaway Thursday clips at Ed Benedict Park in Portland Oregon. These clips are some of the first skateboard clips my wife Karissa filmed! Enjoy!