Bump to Hydrant – Skateboarding Burnside St.

The other day, a buddy of mine, Nash Addicks hit me up and wanted to shoot some photos. I had the perfect spot in mind that was right down the street from my apartment, so we set out to skate a curb-cut that would be used as a bump to pop some tricks over a fire hydrant. I started off by popping some ollies over the hydrant while Nash was finding the right angle for the photo and after about 45 minutes the perfect shot was taken! Nash has a keen eye for capturing that perfect moment in time and displaying the feel of the surroundings. The classic car in the background, I’m my opinion, makes the shot! I was hyped that everything worked out perfectly that day because come to find out, the classic car was moved from the street corner the very next day. Check out more photography from Nash Addicks on his site at www.nashaddicks.com.

Andrew Dobrzanski  - Bump to Hydrant