Amaxon LLC Launches New Website!


Amaxon LLC has launched their new state-of-the-art website! Check them out at to schedule your next skateboard lesson, birthday party or event in South Florida.

Amaxon is a company dedicated to the art of skateboarding. They go all out to combine the best in skill, creativity and technology to produce an innovative approach to skateboarding. They offer classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced skaters; demos at birthdays and events; organize contests, and provide advice on skateboarding needs.

Amaxon had Webzler develop their new website and since the launch of the site I have been appointed the Webmaster by Amaxon LLC and will take over full control from Webzler and handle all their maintenance and develop needs from here on out, which means you can expect new and exciting functionality throughout their website. Keep an eye out for updates on and to schedule your next birthday party, event, or skateboard lesson.